How Do I Register?

How Do I Register?

Follow these simple instructions below to register for the 2014 Yoga Gangster Challenge in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

How to Create Your Fundraiser page…

1. Head to Our event page: or

2. Click on the black “Set Up Your Fundraiser” button and either create a new team or join an existing one.

(below screen shot is what you will see when you “start your own”):

  1. Fundraiser title – this is where you put your TEAM NAME
  2. Pick a URL – this is what you share with your peers to get them to raise money WITH OUT joining your team
  3. Amount of money – AIM HIGH YOGIS!
  4. About…(have fun with this)


3. Login or Create a CrowdRise account.
4. Share your unique fundraiser URL with everyone.


- The Start Your Own Fundraiser option will allow you to create your own fundraising team for the Yoga Gangster Challenge. If you choose the Start Your Own Fundraiser option, you will be required to enter a fundraiser title (team name), include information about your team, and include how much money you hope to raise. You will also be given the option to chose your own personalized URL and upload a photo of your team.

Once this is complete, you can share your team’s fundraising page with all your friends, family and supporters!

- The Join A Team option will allow you to search for your favorite team in the search box or you can select from an existing team listed on the page. After you join a team, you will want to click the option ‘Donate to a Fundraiser‘ to donate to your team.




If you do not want to be part of a team and just want to participate, you can pay $25 at the door!

See you there!